Treasure Coast Pilot Club



1. THE EMPHASIS OF THE SHOW IS ON THREE DIMENSIONAL CRAFTS AND ARTWORKS, although we welcome fine arts.  We encourage artists and craftsmen to demonstrate their work whenever possible.

2.  Only one exhibitor per space unless two artists produce a single work.  In this case, both must attend.  One category of art per space.  All works displayed must be the original work of the exhibitor.  Artists misrepresenting work will be asked to leave.  No Fees will be refunded.  Limited edition photographs and prints, signed and numbered by the artists, are acceptable.  No commercial reproductions, commercial displays or consignments are permitted.  No dealers please.

3.  This is a family oriented event for spectators of all ages.  Work exhibited, dress, speech and conduct of the artist/craftsmen must be in keeping with this atmosphere.  Shirts and shoes are required.  Nudes, pornography and other works, which are objectionable to the public or without socially redeeming value, are prohibited.  No alcoholic beverages are allowed on show site during show or after hours.

4.  Each exhibitor will be allowed a maximum of two spaces, which will be pre-assigned by the registration Committee.  Booths will be assigned with due consideration given to balance among various media.  Spaces may not be sublet or sold.  You must be set up and at your booth at least 15 minutes before the scheduled show opening.  All participants must exhibit and be present during scheduled show hours:  9:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. on Saturday and 9:00 until 4:00 PM on Sunday.  Violation may make the exhibitor ineligible for future shows.

5.  Exhibitors are responsible for creating their own attractive displays, which should be constructed in such a way to withstand crowds, wind and rain.  Exhibitors should be capable of protecting work during brief periods of inclement weather.  Display background or racks should not exceed 7 feet in height.  All folding or unfinished tables must be draped to the ground in cloth which is complimentary to the display.  All stock, supplies and personal items must be stored underneath the table draping or otherwise out of sight of the viewing public.  Hand written signs, sale or bargain racks are prohibited.  NO CARPET IS PERMITTED.

6.  Tents larger than 12x12 shall have a Flame Retardant Certificate on site and/or submitted with application.  Tents 12x12 or smaller do not require Flame Retardant Certificate for artisans.  One (1) minimum rated (2A 10BC) currently tagged and inspected will be provided by the Treasure Coast Pilot Club and readily available for use within 75 feet of any tent as required by the Indian River County Fire & Life Safety Bureau.

7.  Exhibitors are responsible for their own properties in the event of loss, theft, damage or personal injury.  They are also responsible for the collection and payment of their own sales tax.  Assigned spaces should be kept clean at all times and refuse properly disposed of in the dumpsters each evening.